5 Blogs That Will Help Your App Generate More Revenue

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You probably should immediately drop what you are doing and check out these blogs.

Being a successful app developer today is no easy task. Not only do you have to fend for yourself against millions of apps just to get downloaded, you have to focus heavily on retaining your users in you want to maintain any sort of consistent revenue stream. However, you aren’t in this fight alone. There are tons of great blogs out there that continually publish great content to help you stay on top of your monetization game.

We’re big fans of the blogs below, as each one does a great job covering its particular niche of the app economy. Whether you’re an indie dev just starting out, or are gainfully employed by a ride sharing app that rhymes with Gruber (Never forget, Die Hard, never forget), we think you’ll be able to find a post or two of frequently from the blogs below that you can put to use towards your app’s monetization efforts.

5 Blogs That Will Help Your App Generate More Revenue

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Market Research SDK: Meet the Industry’s Best In-App Monetization Solution

It’s Time to Start Generating Some Serious In-App Revenue

in-app monetization

Our apologies for the extremely brazen title, but the entire Adscend Media team is pumped about the launch of our Market Research SDK. We’ve spent months fine-tuning this unique monetization solution to make sure it will help you earn more per day, retain more users, and provide one of the smoothest in-app ad user experiences on the market. In short, we’ve created a game-changing solution that your users will love and that will make you more money.

We strongly believe that no one in the app space can match the revenue-generating capabilities of our Market Research SDK. However, we’re prepared to back up our claims with data from our 30,000+ publishers and from the app monetization industry below. So, let’s dive into why you need to integrate our Market Research SDK into your app…

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App Store Optimization Basics with The ASO Project

app store optimizationWith millions of apps available, getting your app to rank higher in relevant app store searches is about as easy as making a decent Batman movie. All joking aside, if your app can’t be found quickly in app stores (or at all), you’re losing out on a key revenue source.

So, how you can improve your rankings in the App Store, Google Play, and other stores? Having a massive marketing budget and a proven track record helps. Unless you’re Rovio though, those circumstances probably don’t apply to you. To gain better visibility in app stores, it’s going to take a little bit of elbow grease and a process known as App Store Optimization (ASO).

We reached out to ASO expert Todd Dunham of The ASO Project in order to get some of the basics of ASO, learn a few app-ranking strategies, and see what tips he has to help apps like yours achieve higher app store rankings.

Here’s what Todd had to say about ASO…

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Adscend Media Launches Help Center with 40+ Articles & New Support System

Adscend MediaAt Adscend Media, we are all about giving you the tools that you need to succeed. Therefore, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Adscend Media Help Center, an exclusive resource that includes over 40+ articles and a new ticket support system.

Whether you are new to monetizing your app, game, or other content, or are ready to start earning more with us immediately, the Adscend Media Help Center has the resources that you need to thrive.

(Note: You must be an Adscend publisher to view the links below. Not yet an Adscend publisher? Click Here to join Adscend)

Here’s How the Adscend Media Help Center Can Help YOU:

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5 Reasons Why You Should Focus More on User Retention

Increase Your App User Retention Rate with Adscend Media's Rewarded Ad Solutions

We recommend not sweating the small stuff (though, you probably should sweat your app’s retention rate and if you left the stove on).

If you have been searching the Internets during the last few years for new ways to evaluate the performance of your mobile app or game, you will see that retention rate is a metric that has taken the app industry by storm. Doing a quick search will easily reveal a slew of recent posts by app industry pros like Kissmetrics, Apptentive, and Mixpanel, with developers across all major industry forums also seeming to have a Gollum ring-like focus on this newer metric. Why all the fuss? Let’s dive deeper and find out!

According to Mofluid, retention rate is “the percentage of users returning to your app in a given period of time” and can be calculated in many different ways (AppLift has a great breakdown of the main retention rate calculation types). Developers are including retention rate in their monthly reporting because it helps them focus on a key pillar of today’s app monetization strategy: retaining users. Sure, it’s still all about doing what you can to improve your eCPM, EPC, ARPDAU, and other direct financial metrics. However, more “big picture” developers are seeing the importance of retaining users to their bottom line, and have become obsessed with doing whatever is necessary to retain their users. If you want to create sustainable long-term success with your app, you probably should be too and here is why:

5 Reasons Why You Should Focus More on User Retention:

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Meet the New Adscend Media Publisher Dashboard

Have You Checked Out Our New Dashboard Yet?


New Earnings Graphs: One of the many new features of our new dashboard!

At Adscend Media, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make your work life easier. Therefore, we took your feedback and used the talents of our design/development team to create one of the performance marketing industry’s most user-friendly publisher dashboards.

Our relaunched publisher dashboard allows you to navigate faster, find more of the data you need easier, and integrate our solutions quicker than ever before! Log in to your account today to check out the many new dashboard enhancements, including:

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5 Mobile App Events You Won’t Want to Miss in 2016

Guest Post by Leigh Kellner, Marketing and Content Manager at Appsaholic, a free monetization and engagement platform powered by Perk.


If you’re in the mobile apps business, you’re probably thinking about what exciting events to attend in 2016.

Events are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends, meet industry leaders, and broaden your overall knowledge. From development tips to marketing strategies, there’s always something new to learn!

There are a ton of great app events out there, but here are a select few that should be on the top of your to-go list:

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Team Member Spotlight: Gabrielle Garrison

Gabrielle Garrison of Adscend MediaName: Gabrielle Garrison
Title: Advertiser Account Manager

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican and Sushi (but not together lol)
Favorite Drink: Publix Tea
Smartphone Model: Moto X
Worst TV Show: Anything Teen Mom or related, so basically any show MTV does…

Tell us a little about yourself: I just moved to Texas from Florida, where I grew up. Great place to grow up, but so excited to be in a city that has so much to offer. I’m a big musical theatre nerd (I’ve been performing in choirs and theatre since I was eight), and basically enjoy anything spontaneous, or that allows me to meet people from “different walks of life.” I consider myself a “little left of center,” so anyone with a great story I’m definitely intrigued by. Most people that know me would tell you that shy is not in my vocabulary. I also love movies, TV shows, music, traveling, and York Peppermint Patties :).

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Last Call for Votes: Adscend Media Needs Your Support!

This year, the Blue Book Top 20 Survey for Publishers is more competitive than ever, with more networks jockeying to earn a top twenty ranking. With the survey closing soon, we could really use your support again to help Adscend Media reach our fifth consecutive Top Ten CPA Network ranking.

Why You Should Vote for Adscend: In 2015 we used market research, our talented development team, and your suggestions to release multiple, innovative revenue-generating solutions, including Rewarded VideoMobile Video LockerMarket Research Survey Profiles, and new link locker upgrades. These easy-to-install solutions helped our publishers see strong revenue increases, including $90 eCPMs!

While creating these solutions kept us busy, we always made sure to provide you with the prompt support that you deserve.

Voting for Adscend Media Takes Only One Minute:

Step 1: Watch this video to see how to vote

Step 2: Vote using this link.

Thank You for Supporting Adscend Media!

5 Reasons to Monetize Your iOS Apps with Rewarded Video

Adscend Media's Rewarded Video

With the release of a new iOS SDK, iOS developers now have the ability to monetize their apps and games through Adscend’s Rewarded Video technology. Previously available only for Android apps, the iOS Rewarded Video SDK allows iOS developers to use captivating video and big branded apps to increase their daily app earnings. Whether your apps have just launched, or are moving up the app store rankings, here are:

5 Reasons to Monetize Your iOS Apps with Rewarded Video

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Your App Can’t Survive on Whales Alone! Monetize Non-Paying Users with Rewarded Video

Rewarded Video is Your Solution to Monetize Non-Paying Users
Rewarded Video from Adscend Media

Sure, a few power users can help your app generate a little bit of revenue. As they make in-app purchase after in-app purchase, these “whales” can even help your app generate a steady revenue stream for a few months. However, if your app is like most, whales make up only a tiny fraction of your userbase, a minuscule minority of the only 5% of users who actually make in-app purchases. Thus, though whales can keep your app afloat, they can’t truly be depended on to help your app survive.

This is where Rewarded Video can truly make a difference to your bottom line. An easy-to-integrate monetization system, Rewarded Video helps you generate revenue from more than just your whales. Rewarded Video lets you reach non-paying users, the majority of app users who typically don’t make in-app purchases. By integrating Rewarded Video on your app, you can start generating revenue from an average of 95% more users, dramatically increasing your in-app revenue. 

Ready to Check Out Rewarded Video?

How it Works

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Introducing Mobile Video Locker: Welcome to a New Era of Content Locking!

Mobile Video Locker
doesn’t “play by the rules” of traditional content locking, as it combines captivating video, high-converting mobile apps, and non-incentivized promotion to turn your passive mobile visitors into revenue. Whether you’re new to content locking, or have been locking for years, Mobile Video Locker can help you generate more revenue from premium content. Available only at Adscend Media, Mobile Video Locker is a game-changer.

You’ve Never Seen a Locker Like This:

How it Works:

Mobile users accessing your premium content are served a short app trailer, which features an option to download the app. Users can choose to download the app, or simply proceed to your content. For every app downloaded, you will earn up to $4!

Revenue-Generating Features:

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App Developer News: Android SDK Released for AdWall Offer Wall

AdWall Android SDKFresh off the release of an iOS 8 SDK, we’re proud to announce the launch of an Android SDK for AdWall, our innovative offer wall technology.

Since its launch earlier this year, AdWall has helped our publishers create thriving new revenue streams for their apps and websites (including eCPMs up to $90 in the US!).

Though AdWall integration is available via WebView and API, the AdWall Android SDK gives you a new native option for quickly implementing AdWall in your Android apps.

AdWall Android SDK (Key Features):

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App Developer News: iOS 8 SDK Added to AdWall Offer Wall, Android SDK Launching Soon

Generating Revenue from Your In-App/In-Game Users Just Got Even Easier…

Announcing the Launch of the AdWall iOS 8 SDK and the Upcoming Release of the AdWall Android SDK!

AdWall offer wall displayed on Android and iOS devices

Lurking deep behind the shadows, unnoticed, like superheroes, Adscend developers are constantly working to help you generate more revenue from your mobile app or game. Recently, they took a break from saving the world (or at least the mean streets of Austin), to make some additions to AdWall, our innovative offer wall. AdWall is already a proven in-app/in-game revenue generator (eCPMs up to $90 in the US), however, our development team made user monetization even easier with these new additions:

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Major Link Locker Upgrades Launched to Help You Earn More

By producing industry-leading EPCs, such as $.30 in the US and $.50 in France, AdLock® Link has proven to be a strong link locking solution. However, we’ve recently made some major upgrades to AdLock Link to help you earn even more from your links and passwords. With the launch of these easy-to-use upgrades, you can now create a fully-customized link locker that will convert more of your clicks to leads.

With the upgrades listed below, along with Adscend’s massive global offer inventory and strong customer service, now is the perfect time to join Adscend Media and test AdLock Link.

New Link Locker Upgrades:

AdLock Link

Create Customized Landing Pages: That plain landing page on your link locker is killing your conversion rates. Whether you would like your landing pages to be more native to match the look of your website/traffic source, or want to create a landing page for a specific offer, you can now quickly create custom landing pages with AdLock Link. Simply add some short HTML/CSS code, and you can have an awesome landing page (like the Clash of Clans landing page above) in less than five minutes!

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