Introducing Mobile Video Locker: Welcome to a New Era of Content Locking!

Mobile Video Locker
doesn’t “play by the rules” of traditional content locking, as it combines captivating video, high-converting mobile apps, and non-incentivized promotion to turn your passive mobile visitors into revenue. Whether you’re new to content locking, or have been locking for years, Mobile Video Locker can help you generate more revenue from premium content. Available only at Adscend Media, Mobile Video Locker is a game-changer.

You’ve Never Seen a Locker Like This:

How it Works:

Mobile users accessing your premium content are served a short app trailer, which features an option to download the app. Users can choose to download the app, or simply proceed to your content. For every app downloaded, you will earn up to $4!

Revenue-Generating Features:

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Adscend Media’s Meet Market Newbie Guide (Updated)

Affiliate Summit Meet MarketOne of the toughest tasks for Affiliate Summit newbies is creating an agenda that maximizes return on investment. Essentially, this process comes down getting the most value out of Summit’s networking opportunities, parties, and sessions. When it’s your first time at Summit, this is quite the task. However, we’re here to help make your life a little easier, by giving you some tips on how to maximize the value of the Affiliate Summit Meet Market.

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10 Reasons to Share Tiny Cups of Water with Adscend Media at Affiliate Summit East


Your Summit schedule is packed, you probably won’t have time for a sit down meeting, let alone time to eat. We say let’s move past traditional conference meeting types and try for something even quicker…

Let’s grab a few tiny water cups at ASE!

We know the idea sounds odd, but trust us here. In the time that it takes you to savor a few of the little cylinders of H2O that seem to be found at every conference, we should be able to give you enough info to help you decide if Adscend Media can help your business grow. (Note: We took an office poll, and the “child’s sno-cone” was our preferred water cup shape, though the “Costco free sample” ran a close second.)

Below are ten ways that Adscend can help you generate more revenue, sorted by anchor links to our main customer types. If you think we can help your business grow, let’s sync up for a few cups of aqua at Summit.

Top 10 Reasons to Meet with Adscend Media at Affiliate Summit East


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Team Member Spotlight: Tabish

Tabish_Adscend_MediaName: Tabish
Title: Mobile Application Developer

Favorite Food: Chicken Karahi, BBQ Tikka/Kebab
Favorite Drink: Falooda (Google it)
Smartphone Model: iPhone 6

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m not weird, just “limited edition.” You can find out a bit more about me by following me on Twitter.

How long have you been at Adscend Media and what is your role at the company? I have been at Adscend for a few months now and I lead the mobile development for all Adscend products.

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Team Member Spotlight: Milan Kaku

Milan Kaku, Adscend MediaName: Milan Kaku
Title: PHP/MySQL Engineer

Favorite Food: All Mexican food
Favorite Drink: Sweet tea
Smartphone Model: iPhone 6
Current Favorite TV Shows: House of Cards and Game of Thrones

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born and raised in the greatest city in the world, Austin, Texas. I attended St. Edward’s University and just graduated about a month ago. I became passionate about programming during a high school web programming class that sparked my interest, and I haven’t looked back since. Aside from work, I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan (2016 Super Bowl Champs?) and love to work out and explore Austin.

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App Developer News: Android SDK Released for AdWall Offer Wall

AdWall Android SDKFresh off the release of an iOS 8 SDK, we’re proud to announce the launch of an Android SDK for AdWall, our innovative offer wall technology.

Since its launch earlier this year, AdWall has helped our publishers create thriving new revenue streams for their apps and websites (including eCPMs up to $90 in the US!).

Though AdWall integration is available via WebView and API, the AdWall Android SDK gives you a new native option for quickly implementing AdWall in your Android apps.

AdWall Android SDK (Key Features):

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Team Member Spotlight: Zechariah Campbell

Zechariah Campbell, Adscend MediaName: Zechariah Campbell
Title: Front-end engineer

Favorite Food: A tie between steak and shrimp
Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew
Smartphone Model: iPhone 5
Current Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones and Daredevil

Tell us a little about yourself: I moved to Austin, TX from Union, MO to find a job in the technology industry and manage my brother’s band. Austin seemed like a great place to do both, and it has exceeded my expectations. I have a number of programming-side projects that I work on, and I also enjoy playing PC games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry, and Battlefield. When I’m not on a computer, I really enjoy cycling and sand volleyball.

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App Developer News: iOS 8 SDK Added to AdWall Offer Wall, Android SDK Launching Soon

Generating Revenue from Your In-App/In-Game Users Just Got Even Easier…

Announcing the Launch of the AdWall iOS 8 SDK and the Upcoming Release of the AdWall Android SDK!

AdWall offer wall displayed on Android and iOS devices

Lurking deep behind the shadows, unnoticed, like superheroes, Adscend developers are constantly working to help you generate more revenue from your mobile app or game. Recently, they took a break from saving the world (or at least the mean streets of Austin), to make some additions to AdWall, our innovative offer wall. AdWall is already a proven in-app/in-game revenue generator (eCPMs up to $90 in the US), however, our development team made user monetization even easier with these new additions:

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Team Member Spotlight: David Rojo

David Rojo, Adscend MediaName: David Rojo
Title: I don’t have a real title

Favorite Food: Authentic Mexican food, none of this Tex-Mex nonsense
Favorite Drink: American craft beer or water
Smartphone Model: iPhone 6
Worst TV Show: Why would I watch a bad TV show?

Tell us a little about yourself: I have a pretty cool mustache I’ve been told.

How long have you been at Adscend Media and what is your role at the company? I’ve been at Adscend Media since August, 2014. My role is to make Adscend Media look good.

Are you able to explain to your friends and family what you do? Yes, they all have a general idea of what graphic design entails.

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We Would Love Your Feedback on the New Adscend Media Site

newhomepageEarlier this month, we were proud to debut the new Adscend Media website. Some of the standout features of our new site include:

New Developers Page: We are committed to helping mobile app and game developers generate more revenue. Our new mobile developers page showcases AdWall, our mobile offer wall, as well as our mobile user acquisition services. This new page also includes direct links to the AdWall API and SDKs, allowing you to get a head start on integrating AdWall on your mobile app or game.

Revamped Publishers Page: With larger product images, and concise feature lists, our new publishers page makes choosing a monetization solution to fit your needs even easier.

Team Member Photos: Curious to find out what your account manager looks like? Adscend team member photos have been added to the new site to “put a face to a name.” Check out our team member photos on the About Us page.

AppsWorld Last Minute To Do List: Meet Adscend, Get AdWall, Increase App User Revenue


AdWall mobile offer wall technology is available for iOS and Android apps/games.

With AppsWorld North America 2015 coming up next week, we’re guessing that you are probably deep in full conference prep mode.

If you are like most of us, a lot of this prep will take place at the last minute (including printing extra business cards the night before at the conference hotel). This frantic, eleventh hour prep is totally justifiable though, as being a part of the burgeoning app industry keeps us all insanely busy.

If you are attending AppsWorld, your main goal probably is to generate more app revenue. Therefore, we wanted help you save time on your last minute prep by introducing you to AdWall, Adscend Media’s new in-app monetization solution that can increase your daily app revenue and user retention rates.

What is AdWall? Developed by Adscend Media, AdWall is a complete monetization solution for iOS and Android apps and games. Easily installable in minutes (no SDK required), AdWall creates a fully-functioning virtual rewards platform for your app. AdWall allows your users to experience more of your app, while providing you with a new revenue stream.

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Major Link Locker Upgrades Launched to Help You Earn More

By producing industry-leading EPCs, such as $.30 in the US and $.50 in France, AdLock® Link has proven to be a strong link locking solution. However, we’ve recently made some major upgrades to AdLock Link to help you earn even more from your links and passwords. With the launch of these easy-to-use upgrades, you can now create a fully-customized link locker that will convert more of your clicks to leads.

With the upgrades listed below, along with Adscend’s massive global offer inventory and strong customer service, now is the perfect time to join Adscend Media and test AdLock Link.

New Link Locker Upgrades:

AdLock Link

Create Customized Landing Pages: That plain landing page on your link locker is killing your conversion rates. Whether you would like your landing pages to be more native to match the look of your website/traffic source, or want to create a landing page for a specific offer, you can now quickly create custom landing pages with AdLock Link. Simply add some short HTML/CSS code, and you can have an awesome landing page (like the Clash of Clans landing page above) in less than five minutes!

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Adscend Media to Consult for Upcoming CSI: Cyber Episode

Adscend Media to Consult for Upcoming CSI: Cyber Episode

Adscend Media has been hired by the producers of CSI: Cyber to act as consultants for an upcoming episode. Titled, “Another Brick in the Wall,” Adscend’s episode is tentatively scheduled to air on July 8, 2016.

Known for AdWall, their innovative offer wall, Adscend was approached by CSI: Cyber producers for some information about how offer walls function. According to the production agreement, information provided by Adscend can be used in character dialogue and “general plot lines.”

Several Adscend team members are scheduled to make the trek down to Los Angeles to start the consultation next week, including Adscend Marketing Manager, Tony Cohn. Though he isn’t allowed to give too many details about the episode, Cohn was cleared to give readers of this blog a slight preview.

“From what I hear, the episode is going to be fantastic. Apparently, an offer wall becomes self-aware, and starts attacking people. It’s going to be brilliant,” stated Cohn. Besides sharing a little info about the episode’s plot, Cohn also added, “This whole thing is an April Fool’s joke.”

Team Member Spotlight: Hannah Wilson

Team Member Spotlight: Hannah WilsonName: Hannah Wilson
Title: Advertiser Account Manager

Favorite Food: Chicken & Dumplings
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Smartphone Model: iPhone 6

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Hannah, I’m 24, and I just recently moved from Houston to Austin, TX. Some random facts: I love animals and food, I have a lot of obscure and weird knowledge about nature, and I was homeschooled until I was 16. Pretty much everything else about me is random also.

How long have you been at Adscend Media and what is your role at the company? I have been at Adscend for a little over four months now! I’m an advertiser account manager, so I interact with our advertisers in a variety of ways, including setting up new offers, optimizing traffic, and executing invoicing/billing.

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Team Member Spotlight: Kailyn Lim

Kailyn Lim, Adscend MediaName: Kailyn Lim
Title: Advertiser Account Manager

Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Anything fruity (juice, smoothies, you name it!)
Smartphone Model: iPhone 6+

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a proud Longhorn, graduated in May 2013 in the TexasMedia sequence. Originally from Flower Mound, TX, I have been everything from a band nerd to a math geek to a business editor in my high school yearbook class. Math and creativity will always be the driving force in my career. Having worked as a media planner/buyer at an ad agency for a year and a half out of college, I take reward in building rapport with my clients and helping them succeed. I am a number cruncher and a creative thinker. I am also a huge (I mean, HUGE) dog lover and hope to volunteer regularly at a shelter someday.

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Earn More from Your Offer Wall with Market Research Survey Profiles!

Pictured:  The user interface of our new market research survey profiles.

At Adscend, we share your passion for earning more from your website and mobile app traffic. Therefore, we are excited today to announce the addition of user market research survey profiles to AdWall, our innovative offer wall technology.

AdWall technology is already packed with revenue-generating features to monetize your website or mobile app users. What makes the addition of market research survey profiles to AdWall so significant, is the information from these profiles can help you generate more earnings from your current AdWall users AND can help ensure a steady stream of daily return traffic to your website or mobile app!

How Market Research Survey Profiles Work:

Users visiting an AdWall on a web page or mobile app are prompted to complete a survey profile to receive access to more survey offers. After answering a few short demographic questions (location, ethnicity, employment status, education, etc.), users will then start dynamically receiving access to targeted market research surveys based on their answers. These surveys are built to outperform the general offer wall surveys that you see on other offer walls, as they relate directly to the needs, interests, and hobbies of users. Speaking of performance…

Market Research Survey Profiles Can Increase YOUR Offer Wall Earnings By:

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Team Member Spotlight: Quentin McRee

Quentin McRee of Adscend MediaName: Quentin McRee
Senior Software Engineer

Favorite Food: Anything with pasta
Favorite Drink: Right now, it’s Maine Root’s Spicy Ginger Brew
Smartphone Model: iPhone 6 Plus, duh!

Tell us a little about yourself: Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, I relocated to Austin earlier last year to work with an awesome, friendly, and passionate group of people at Adscend. I am a total geek at heart (and proud). I fell in love with computers and technology on my first Mac when I was four years old. Since age 11, I’ve been loyal to my love of web application development. I truly enjoy what I do, and am very lucky to have that privilege.

How long have you been at Adscend Media and what is your role at the company? I joined Adscend in early July 2014. I am primarily responsible for the backend development of Adscend’s products, basically the backbone/behind-the-scenes stuff.

Are you able to explain to your friends and family what you do? Unless they are technical themselves, absolutely not. If I’m having trouble explaining, I typically just say, “I make stuff.”

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Introducing a Pay Per Download Game-Changer: 10 Reasons Why AdLock Vault Maximizes File Monetization

At Adscend Media, we are always striving to help you generate as much revenue as possible off of your premium content. Therefore, we are proud today to announce the launch of an innovative pay per download (PPD) technology for premium file publishers.

Now, for your monetizing pleasure, we would like to introduce the AdLock Vault!

AdLockVaultDEVICES (1)A member of the AdLock® family of content locking solutions, AdLock Vault technology prevents users from accessing your premium files until a user completes an action in an advertiser-sponsored offer (such as installing a mobile app). Once the user completes the action, you will receive a commission, and the user will get access to your file.

Easy to install and customize, mobile-friendly, and packed with revenue-generating features, AdLock Vault is poised to become the preferred monetization choice of premium file publishers. Whether you are interested in monetizing your apps, music, art/graphics, videos, images, or any other premium downloadable files, here are:

10 Reasons Why AdLock Vault Maximizes File Monetization

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Adscend Media Named to Second Consecutive Empact100 List


Austin, Texas | October 27, 2014

Adscend Media, a performance-based advertising network, is proud to announce that the company has been named to the 2014 Empact100 List. Presented annually, the Empact100 List recognizes the top 100 companies within the Empact Showcase that are run by entrepreneurs who are 35 years old or younger. This is Adscend’s second consecutive listing in the Empact100 List.

We are honored to be recognized by this outstanding group of entrepreneurs.

-Fehzan Ali, CEO of Adscend Media

The Empact100 List is determined by the Empact Academy, which consists of a collection of leading US entrepreneurs. Featuring CEOs and founders from well-respected companies like Zappos, Open Table, and, the Empact Academy selects honorees based on company revenue, innovativeness, growth, and other ranking factors.

According to Adscend Media CEO, Fehzan Ali, Adscend’s commitment to creating innovative content monetization technology and ROI-driven advertising solutions, along with dedication to their publishers and advertising partners, are the reasons why the company was honored in 2013 and 2014 by the Empact Academy.

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Meet AdWall. Adscend Media’s Innovative New Offer Wall Technology

We are very excited today to announce the addition of a new product to our innovative suite of content monetization tools. Drum roll please…Today we are proud to announce the launch of AdWall!


What is AdWall?

AdWall is a comprehensive offer wall technology that allows you to generate significant revenue from your virtual goods, services, or perks. With a one-click set up, and quick customization options, AdWall allows you to deploy a complete no-cost to user, rewards-based system on your mobile app or website in minutes.

Your AdWall comes fully loaded with all of the features that you will need to monetize your desktop or mobile visitors. Below are just a few of its many features:

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Team Member Spotlight: Rusty Felty

Team Member Spotlight: Rusty FeltyName: Rusty Felty
Title: Software Developer II

Favorite Food: There is nothing like a thick-cut, rare, filet mignon!
Favorite Drink: Most of the time, you’ll catch me with a bottle of water or a sweet tea. My favorite adult beverage is Sierra Nevada.
Smartphone Model: I’ve had an iPhone ever since the original model first came out.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m originally from Foster, WV but moved to Austin, TX in July. I’m married to my best friend, Jordan. I’m a techie at heart. As a kid, I grew up playing video games, which let to tinkering with A/V equipment. Later, I started to play around with the computers at my school (believe it or not, home computers weren’t so popular then). I loved it. Around age 11 or 12, I started digging into code and was a bit of a “script kiddie,” hacking things together to make software. I always took home first place at the science fair for Computer Science. I decided that writing code was what I wanted to do for my career, so I joined the workforce at 18 years old and have held several developer positions since.

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Missing Affiliate Summit East? Check Out the Adscend Media Live Blog!

Missing Affiliate Summit East? Check Out the Adscend Media Live Blog!More than just a global CPA network, proven lead generation source, and provider of innovative content monetization tools, Adscend Media is also champions of the plight of the busy performance marketer. Therefore, for those who can’t make Affiliate Summit East this year, we will try to fill the FOMO void that you may be feeling through the Adscend Media Live Blog from Affiliate Summit East 2014.

Providing live updates from the conference floor to the rooftop parties, the Adscend Media Live Blog will feature a mixture of conference news, event photos, and updates from the various travels of the Adscend team. Though we can’t replicate the full conference experience, hopefully our live blog will help you feel more connected to the happenings of ASE and perhaps whet your whistle for Affiliate Summit East 2015! Actually, now that we think about it, you may be better off than us, as you get to miss out on the traditional conference cold.

Click on the “Continue reading” link below to view the Adscend Media Live Blog from Affiliate Summit East 2014.

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7 Productivity Strategies for Affiliate Marketers

7 Productivity Strategies for Affiliate MarketersWhether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, or are just getting into the game, you know that time and productivity are of the essence. Quite simply, the more time that you have to devote to your strategy, the more revenue that you can rake in.

However, it is not always easy to wake up and say, “I’m going to be more productive.” To form better habits and get more out of your workday, you must take a structured approach. Therefore, here are seven productivity tips that you can use to dramatically increase your daily output as an affiliate marketer:

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Team Member Spotlight: Michael Dunn

Team Member Spotlight: Michael DunnName: Michael Dunn
Title: Chief Technology Officer

Favorite Food: My Mom’s Homemade Breakfast Strata
Favorite Drink: Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale
Smartphone Model: Nokia 1020 Black

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m from the Columbia River Gorge, a little town called The Dalles, an hour east of Portland, OR. Although you probably don’t remember, at one point in life you’ve probably tried really hard to get to my hometown only to die of dysentery shortly before arrival (getting to The Dalles was the objective of the original Oregon Trail game). Other than that, I’m a serial entrepreneur, blessed to have lived in some of the most beautiful places on earth, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Columbia River Gorge, Salt Lake City/Wasatch Front, and now Austin, Texas.

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New Publisher Enhancements Launched: AdLock Widget Going Mobile, Faster Dashboard, Multiple SubIDs, and More!

New Publisher Enhancements Launched: AdLock Widget Goes Mobile, Faster Dashboard, Multiple SubIDs, and More!We are constantly striving to help you save time and earn more. Therefore, we are proud to announce some new enhancements to your publisher dashboard and to AdLock® technology. The enhancements listed below, however, are just the beginning. Be on the lookout for more AdLock technology enhancements, dashboard improvements, and other revenue-generating additions to the Adscend network!

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Don’t Forget to Give Thanks Today!

Happy Memorial Day 2014!The entire Adscend Media team hopes that you have a great Memorial Day!

As you are enjoying this day of remembrance, don’t forget to give thanks to those who have helped keep our country safe. Without the sacrifices of others, we would not have the freedoms that we are able to enjoy today.

5 Ways to Earn More With Adscend Media This Summer

5 Ways to Earn More With Adscend Media This SummerAt Adscend, we want you to have a great summer. We know that you work hard throughout the year, and once the weather starts to get warmer, we want you to enjoy your time in the sun. Therefore, we have compiled a list of network-related tips that you can execute immediately, allowing you to potentially see an increase in your network earnings within the next few months. Hopefully, this extra cash can help you have a summer to remember!

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Team Member Spotlight: Jordan Shortridge

Team Member Spotlight: Jordan ShortridgeName: Jordan Shortridge
Title: Advertiser Manager

Favorite Food: Little Caesars Cheese Pizza (don’t judge)
Favorite Drink: Unfiltered Wheat Beer
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Anything from Starbucks!

Tell us a little about yourself: I think that I am best defined by who occupies the majority of my time, and that is my wife, three boys, and my work. All of which I love! I am constantly learning something new in all areas of life and that keeps me motivated and excited for whatever the day brings.

How long have you been at Adscend Media and what is your role at the company? I am an Adscend rookie, as I have only been here for three weeks now. I manage and develop new advertiser accounts. Continue reading

Adscend Media to Partner with Bravo Network for New Reality Show

Adscend Media to Partner with Bravo Network for New Reality Show Austin, Texas | April 1, 2014

Adscend Media, a leading incentive and content locking network, announced today that the company has reached an agreement with the Bravo television network to produce a reality television show based on internet marketing.

Tentatively titled Top Lock, the competition style reality show will feature a group of contestants competing in content locking promotion challenges. Judges for the show are yet to be determined, but filming is slated to begin in June 2016. The winner of Top Lock will receive the following prize package:

  • $35 in cash (could be more or less, depends on what is lying around the Adscend office petty cash)
  • A high five from any Adscend team member
  • A personalized voicemail message from Adscend Media CEO, Fehzan Ali
  • Some sort of confetti shower upon crowning as the Top Lock

When asked for more information about Top Lock, Tony Cohn of Adscend Media stated, “This show is an April Fools’ joke. However, I am happy to give a free high five to anyone upon request.”

Introducing the Adscend AdLock WordPress Plugin!

Introducing the Adscend AdLock WordPress Plugin!We are proud to announce today the launch of the Adscend AdLock WordPress Plugin! Allowing you to quickly add an AdLock Widget to your posts, pages, and attachments, our new plugin brings the power of AdLock® technology to your WordPress sites.

Before we proceed with providing you with the details on our new plugin, please note that you must have an Adscend Media publisher account in order to use the Adscend AdLock WordPress Plugin. To register for an Adscend Media publisher account, please apply here.

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Have Coffee with Adscend Media at ad:tech

7 Reasons Why You Need to Have Coffee with Adscend Media at ad:tech

We know that your time is valuable, and with ad:tech only a few weeks away, we are assuming that your schedule is probably starting to fill up. Therefore, we would love the chance to meet with you during ad:tech San Francisco and grab a quick coffee, tea, cola, or whatever beverage you prefer. Although we can’t guarantee that our services will be an exact match for your current needs, we are confident that our innovative content monetization technology, ROI-focused advertising services, or our diverse incentive offer inventory will be able to help increase your revenue in 2014 and beyond. Thus, for a deeper dive on how meeting with us can help your business grow, as well as increase your ad:tech ROI, here are:

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5 Ways to Boost Your Adscend Media Earnings in March

5 Ways to Boost Your Adscend Media Earnings in MarchWeddings, sporting events, graduations, vacations, and various other warm weather events are fast approaching in the next few months. At Adscend, we want you to have a record March (and have a little extra spending money for summer 😎 ) and have come up with a list of action items that you can implement immediately to help increase your earnings in March.

By taking advantage of recent enhancements to the Adscend network, and through utilizing AdLock® technology, the action items listed below have the ability to help publishers of all skill levels generate more revenue. Therefore, why not give a few of them a shot and see if you can turn a good March into a great one?

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Our Content Locking Technology is Now AdLock!

Our Content Locking Technology is Now AdLock!

What is AdLock?

Simply put, AdLock® is a powerful suite of content locking tools that will help you generate more revenue from your visitors and users. Our flagship solution, AdLock tools are customizable, adaptable to almost anything digital, and can display offers to your users or visitors based on their current location! Our current suite of AdLock tools includes:

AdLock® Widget: Previously known as our Content Gateway or Content Locker, the AdLock Widget is a flexible solution that allows you to monetize web content by locking user access to your premium content. The AdLock Widget is extremely easy to use, as it comes with a set-up wizard to help you customize your widget and guide you through the widget creation process. Once you have created your widget, all you have to do is place a simple snippet of code on your site and you are done! To learn more about the AdLock Widget, visit:

AdLock® Link: Previously known as our File/Link Gateway or Hosted Content Locker, the AdLock Link allows you to monetize files, links, passwords, and more by locking user access to your premium content. Don’t have a website? No problem! AdLock Links are hosted by us. Additionally, all AdLock Links can be appended with descriptive text or keyword data to help increase conversions!

With the release of AdLock, we have also upgraded the AdLock® Link! Besides being an easy to use lead generation tool, the AdLock Link has been given a sleeker design to help increase conversions and is now fully responsive! This also means that the AdLock Link is now mobile phone and tablet friendly! To check out the new AdLock Link design, visit: and click on “View Demo.”

AdLock® API: Got apps or games? Then you will love the AdLock API! Formerly known as our API, the AdLock API allows you to monetize virtual goods such as in-game items/currency, in-app features, account upgrades, and memberships.

Besides providing the ability to monetize virtual goods, the AdLock API allows you to take full control of the look and feel of our AdLock technology. Your monetization options are limited only to the imagination with the API, as you can monetize virtually anything digital with this technology. One use that many of our publishers have for the API is to use it as an offer feed for a points/rewards site. For more information on the AdLock API, go to:

Stay tuned to the Adscend Media blog for news on enhancements and new feature additions to AdLock products!

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.With today being Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we are urging all of the readers of our blog and supporters of Adscend Media to take a few moments out of their busy schedules to reflect on Dr. King’s impact on society. High levels of courage, strength, and perseverance are just a few of the many characteristics that Dr. King possessed and that we can all strive to achieve.

For more information on Dr. King, please visit:

Adscend Media Team Members Help Support the Salvation Army of Austin

Adscend Media Team Members Help Support the Salvation Army of AustinIt’s always great to give back to your community, and it’s even more rewarding during the holidays! Therefore, several members of the Adscend team decided to help support The Salvation Army of Austin by spreading the holiday spirit to a few Austin-area children in need.

As part of the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, local Adscend team members purchased clothing and a toy from the wish lists of six Austin-area children.

All of the team members who participated enjoyed their experience and can’t wait for more charitable events in the future! Adscend Media Publisher Account Manager Ilyssa Cohen summed up the team’s experience, “It was awesome to give back to those in need and also a lot of fun to see our CEO wearing a Santa hat with dreadlocks!”

For more information on the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, please visit:

For more information on The Salvation Army of Austin, please visit:

Adscend Media is Now Taking Meeting Requests for Affiliate Summit West 2014!

Adscend Media is Now Taking Meeting Requests for Affiliate Summit West 2014!Now that Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are over, it’s officially time to start thinking about Affiliate Summit West 2014. Seems too soon, doesn’t it? Actually, the premier affiliate marketing conference is basically about a month away (January 12-14, 2014). Therefore, as you begin to start lining up your appointments for Affiliate Summit, we would love if you would keep Adscend Media in mind!

In case you weren’t familiar with us, here is a quick overview: Adscend Media is an incentive advertising network that has a large global inventory of CPA offers, innovative content monetization technology, and high quality lead generating advertising solutions.

How can we help your business?

There are three potential ways that Adscend Media can help your business grow in 2014 and beyond!

Providing You with Premium Offers from Around the World: Adscend Media has an enormous offer catalog of over 2,000 high quality incentive offers. Our catalog contains mobile apps, web installs, offerwall offers, and pin submits, just to name a few of our many offer types. If you are searching for offers for a country that can often be hard to find, chances are that we have a few offers that will work for you. During Affiliate Summit, we would be happy to go over our offer catalog with you and provide you with a general breakdown of our inventory for any country of your choice!

Helping You Generate Cost-Effective Leads in Over 180 Countries: We specialize in driving quality, budget-friendly leads to your products. Running an advertising campaign in the Adscend network allows you to reach global audiences on a pay-for-performance basis. You tell us what you consider to be a lead, and our network of publishers can deliver a steady stream of leads to your products. Our advertising team can guide you through the campaign setup process and will provide you with the support that you need to help make your campaign a success! Whether your products are cutting-edge like mobile apps, or more “old school” like insurance services, we can deliver leads at rates that allow you to reach your advertising objectives.

Arming You With Leading Content Monetization Tools: Whether you own a mobile app or game, online tool, album, online game, eBook, software, or any other type of digital item, we can help you maximize the revenue that you are currently generating from your premium content. Since our inception, our publishers have generated an average of 600% more revenue by adding our content monetization tools into their monetization mix, as opposed to those who chose to only use traditional advertising solutions.

Essentially eliminating the factor of price in content purchasing decisions, our free content monetization tools allow you to offer your premium content or features, such as in-game or in-app items/currency, upgrades, or bonus levels, to your users at no-cost to them AND you still will be able to generate revenue from your content!

If any of the three areas listed above are of interest to you, we would love to meet with you at Affiliate Summit! Scheduling a meeting with the Adscend team can even be done in less than five minutes by using our automatic meeting scheduler! To schedule a meeting with us, please visit:

If you would like to learn more about Adscend before Affiliate Summit, please visit:


New Publisher Dashboard Feature: Introducing the Watch List!

New Publisher Dashboard Feature: Introducing the Watch List!Adscend Media is proud to announce a new feature to your publisher dashboard: The Watch List!

Formerly known as Bookmarked Offers, the Watch List allows you to automatically receive updates on important offers.

Key Features of the Watch List:

  • Instant Offer Status Updates: Automatically receive notification whenever an offer in your Watch List has been paused or set live. Never lose money due to offer downtime again!
  • Instant Payout Change Notification: Automatically receive notification whenever an offer in your Watch List has a change in payout. Definitely a great reminder on when it’s time to ramp up a campaign!
  • Easy Stats Links: Quickly access stats from each individual offer added to your Watch List or view the stats from all of your Watch List offers in one click.
  • Instant Notification Options: Choose to receive instant notification of payout and offer status changes via email or by server-side postback. You can also choose to have notifications sent to multiple email addresses!

Ready to Create Your Watch List?

To add an individual offer to your Watch List, click on the “Add to Watch List” link on each individual Offer Details page. To add multiple offers to your Watch List, check all appropriate offers and then click on the “Add to Watch List” button at the bottom of the offer search results page.

To adjust your Watch List notification settings, visit the Options page, located in the Account menu on your dashboard.

If you have any questions about the Watch List, please let us know! Additionally, if you have suggestions for additional features for our publisher dashboard, please email us at

Missed Adscend Media at ad:tech? We Would Still Love to Connect with You!

Schedule a post-ad:tech call with the Adscend Media team today! Are you finally back in the office after ad:tech? Ready to begin reaching out to the many connections that you met at the show?

If you didn’t have a chance to connect with the Adscend Media team during ad:tech, we would still love to chat with you!

Whether you are looking for worldwide traffic to your apps or campaigns, need innovative ways to monetize your site visitors or users, or need access to our inventory of over 1500 incentivizable offers, Adscend Media is here to help!

If you would like to schedule some time to meet with us, it’s not too late! Even though ad:tech is over, we would still love to hear about your business needs and how the Adscend network can help you make 2014 a record year!

To schedule a call with the Adscend Media team, visit:

For more information on Adscend Media, please visit:

5 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Our Live Blog from ad:tech New York 2013

5 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Our Live Blog from ad:tech New York 2013          Adscend Media is ready to network in the Big Apple and can’t wait to hit the expo floor at ad:tech New York in a few weeks!

During the conference, the Adscend team will be chronicling their activity through a live blog at and on Adscend’s Twitter account.

To entice you to follow the activities on our live blog, here are:

5 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Our Live Blog from ad:tech New York 2013

  1. Free Promotion for Your Company During ad:tech: Got news to share during ad:tech? Send a direct message to @Adscend on Twitter or email and we would be happy to consider mentioning your company news in a live blog post and on our Twitter feed. We are always looking to hear from progressive digital marketing companies, so if you are working on something new or have the best thing since “sliced bread,” we would love to hear about it!
  2. Follow the “Buzz” from the Conference: What is everyone talking about during ad:tech? Follow the Adscend Live Blog to see what digital marketing topics are trending during the conference.
  3. Swag and Booths: Looking to check out the coolest booth swag or booth designs from ad:tech but aren’t attending the conference? Follow the Adscend Live Blog to see pics of the most unique promotional items and booths!
  4. Party and Networking Updates: Not sure what to do after the exhibit hall closes? Follow the Adscend Live Blog to find out what parties and networking events are happening after show hours.
  5. Follow the Travels of the Adscend Team: The expo hall, networking events, parties, sessions, travel, and more! Follow the activities of the Adscend team before, during, and after ad:tech on the Adscend Live Blog.

Check back to this post on November 5th to get the address of the Adscend Live Blog!

For more information on ad:tech New York 2013, visit:

See you at ad:tech!

We Need Your Vote! Vote for Adscend Media in the 2014 Blue Book Survey!

We Need Your Vote! Vote for Adscend Media in the 2014 Blue Book Survey!      With votes coming in from publishers around the globe, the Blue Book Survey for Publishers is truly a survey for publishers, by publishers. During the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to receive your support in this annual network survey. With your help, in 2011 and 2012, we received the seventh best ranking in the category of Cost-per-Action Networks in the Blue Book survey. This year, we would love your support again to help us receive another high ranking in this prestigious survey!

If you feel that our service level, offers, and monetization technology have helped you prosper in 2013, we would love your vote for Top Cost per Action network in the 2014 Blue Book Survey for Publishers.

To vote for Adscend Media, please visit: Once you are at the survey, select “Cost-per-Action (CPA) programs/networks” and then type in “Adscend Media” on question two. Finally, complete the rest of the survey.

For more information on the 2014 Blue Book Survey for Publishers, visit:

Team Member Spotlight: Felipe Gamez

Team Member Spotlight: Felipe GamezName: Felipe Gamez
Title: Advertiser Account Manager

Favorite Food: Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Tell Us a Little About Yourself: I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas in the early 2000s-HOOK ‘EM! When I graduated from UT, I decided to stay in Austin because, well, it’s the best city in Texas! There is no place like Austin! The people here are friendly, outdoorsy, and there is always something to do, such as hang out in SoCo and have a cup of coffee, run around Town Lake, or go see a live band. I’m a big music lover, and yes, I still collect CDs! Some people are surprised to find out that my favorite band is Ace of Base. Haha! I’m a fan because they’re not a “one-trick pony” and have experimented with different music genres, including reggae, electronica, Motown, disco, rock, rap, and dance.

Are you able to explain to your friends and family what you do? I tell my family/friends that I ensure that online campaigns run smoothly. They usually go, “Aha! Ok!” 😉

What do you like most about your job? Every day is different, and I absolutely love working with our affiliates around the world! The world is smaller than you think!

What do you like to do for fun when you aren’t working? I’m a gym rat and I enjoy hanging out by the lake.

What is the best way for advertisers to reach you? Email:

2016 Vote for Adscend Blue Book Survey Contest

2016 Vote for Adscend Blue Book Survey Contest


Voting for the 2016 Blue Book Top 20 Survey for Publishers is now open and we’d love your vote again this year. To provide a little extra incentive, we are giving away prizes to two lucky winners!

From now until October 30, 2015, anyone who votes for Adscend Media in the category of “Cost-per-Action (CPA) programs/networks” in the 2016 Blue Book Top 20 Survey for Publishers will be eligible to win a $500 Amazon gift card or hundreds in cash!

The Prizes:

    • One Grand Prize Winner: Your choice of either a $500 Amazon gift card OR a $500 payment by PayPal, ACH, Check, Payoneer, or Wire.
    • One Second Prize Winner: Your choice of either a $100 Amazon gift card OR a $100 payment by PayPal, ACH, Check, Payoneer, or Wire.

How to Enter:

To vote for Adscend Media in the 2016 Blue Book Top 20 Survey for Publishers, and be entered into our contest, please do the following:

1. Go to the Top 20 CPA Networks voting page at
2. Select that you are “A Publisher or Affiliate”
3. Type in Adscend Media when asked, “What is the name of your favorite CPA Network?”
4. Select Adscend Media when asked, “Please choose four other networks that you rate highly for running CPA offers.”
5. Complete the Blue Book Survey
6. Send an email to with the subject line: “I Voted for Adscend”

On or about October 30, 2015, we will randomly select two winners and notify them via email. There is a limit of one entry per person.